Nana April Jun audio featured in movies and dance performances

Nana April Jun’s audio works have been used in several feature films, dance performances and theatre. Here are some of them:

Year: 2019
Country: US
Feature film: The Education of a Negro
Director: Ryan Culver
Tracks used: Sun Wind Darkness Eye, Process Philosophy

‘The Education of a Negro’ from director Ryan Culver is a feature film inspired by the 2006 FBI Report about white supremacists’ infiltration of US law enforcement.

Year: 2015
Country: Sweden
Feature film: Kim
Director: Tobias Rydin
Tracks used: 8.3 Minutes From the Sun, High and Low and Mid Plane Mass

The feature film ‘Kim’ by filmmaker Tobias Rydin is a raw love triangle about tape and freedom. It’s a story about windmills, megalomania, airplanes, self doubt, BDSM, consent and friendship. The film is a portrait of a complex persons struggle to reclaim her artistic and personal freedom.

Year: 2015
Country: US
Dance Performance: Glitter Faboulous
Choreographer: James Gardella in collaboration with Chris Braz
Venue: The Wild Project, New York
Performed by: James Gardella and Chris Braz
Tracks used: Sun Wind Darkness Eye

Year: 2011
Country: Iran
Film: AT
Director and choreographer: Davoud Zare
Performers: Davoud Zare, Tara Fatehi Irani, Ehsan Abdifar, Amir Hossein Koushyari
Tracks used: The One Substance, Semantic Shift

The performance and film ‘AT’ by choreographer Davoud Zare is a research on creating movements and choreography in the field of contemporary dance. The act of avoiding food deeply influences different levels of the performer’s daily life including his physical, emotional and sensual behaviour and also his thoughts and perception of time. Thus the performer is simultaneously the subject of the performance and also the object of preconditions of the performance.

Year: 2010
Country: UK
Dance performance: A Stream of Waiting
Choreographer: Fortunato Angelini
Venue: Trinity Laban at Bonnie Bird Auditorium. London
Performed by: Susanna Sastro, Vincenzo Capasso
Tracks used: From The Ontology of Noise

‘A Stream of Waiting’ is a piece of choreography created by Fortunato Angelini, which produces movement from a process of abstraction starting from specific subjects. The act of abstraction was the stimulus for the choreographic approaches and the application of video images as the scenographic design. The guideline for the practical research in this work and choreographic implications was the play Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett.