Helicotrema 8, Venice, Nov 2019

Helicotrema 8
Wednesday 6 November
Palazzo Grassi and Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi

Nana April Jun
Seeing Itself

9’50”, 2019

Desert wars. Blood in the sand and images of blood in the sand viewed through millions of screens made of sand, through computer networks driven by microprocessors, made by sand.

With the transformation of matter and it’s multilayered connections to variations of itself as a starting point, the work takes the perspective of the chemical element Silicon and follows it through wind, oceans, mining machines, conveyor belts, extraction fans, storage spaces, server halls, fighter jets and abstract spaces, impossible figures.

The work invites the listener to contemplate issues of control, the border between construction and destruction, the oscillation between matter and image as well as non-human perspectives altogether.

Sound recorded on location in Shenzhen, and in the artist’s studio in London.
Seeing Itself is part of a more extensive project that has received financial support from Helge Ax:son’s stiftelse, Sweden.

Nana April Jun - Helicotrema 8
Photo: Christofer Wallentin

On the occasion of its eighth year, Helicotrema is back at Palazzo Grassi and at the Teatrino with new listening sessions inspired by the main themes of Luc Tuymans’ exhibition “La Pelle”.

With sound works by:
Michael Baers, Enrico Boccioletti, Isabella Bordoni, Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Department of Ultimology, Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler, Donato Epiro, Zuriñe F Gerenabarrena, Anton Kats, Gli impresari, Islands Songs, Marcos Lutyens, Lorena Mal, Marzia Migliora, Nana April Jun, Roberto Memoli, Flavio Scutti, Atau Tanaka, Mia Thom, Diego Tonus, Julie Vacher, Mark Peter Wright

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